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Enrollment Timeline & Frequently Asked Questions

Whom should I contact if I have questions regarding the enrollment process?
My scholar is a returning GTH student, do I have to reapply each year?
How do I enroll my scholar into GTH?
Is there anything I can do to expedite the application process to secure my scholar’s spot?
What grade levels does Green Tech High Charter School offer?
Does GTH accept students who have IEPs and 504? Do I have to provide a copy of my scholar's IEP or 504 when applying?
Are Mandatory Parent/Student Orientation and GTH Boot Camp required as part of the enrollment process?
What if I do not have all of the NYS required enrollment documents due to homelessness or doubling up with a friend or family member, will I still be allowed to enroll my scholar into GTH?
When will I receive notification that my scholar has been accepted into Green Tech High Charter School?
How will I know if my scholar is accepted?
How long does the enrollment process take?
How do I transfer my scholar from his current school to Green Tech High Charter School for the upcoming school year?



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